Thursday, 10 March 2016

Singing Happy Birthday

It's March! Which means we have A LOT of family birthdays. About 50% of our 'immediate' family have birthdays in March - my Mom, Ben's Dad, my brother and my Brother-in-law.
Today, it's Mother's turn. 
There are some pretty annoying things about my mother. For one thing, people say I am her look-alike. We both can't see our resemblance. Fortunately, though, the things I inherited from her go more than skin deep which is great because I can blame the craziness on my genetic make-up.

I genuinely inherited from her, either by nature or nurture, a penchant for playing the fool when the situation warrants it (and sometimes when it doesn't).
She also instilled in me a love of music, desire for education and a sense of get-up-and-go. I learned from her how to get out there are see the world and also how to feel like you're making a difference in it in some small way.

Mom (she'd tell me it is spelt "Mum") has a love of life that is infectious and a heart that is never full enough to not be able to extend her love to some new honorary adoptee into the family. On top of that, she is super-wise and always willing to listen and give considered encouragement or counsel if needed.
Simply put, she's the best. And she's mine!
I'm so lucky that it is my privilege to be her daughter and to know that she is always there for me. I love the fact that as I'm grow(n/ing) up and now have my own home and family that I can still turn to her and now to be counted on by her. I hope she gets to start to see the fruits of the wonderful way she has raised our family!
Happy Birthday, Mom!
Here is to another year of silly fun and setting the world to rights!